Praise for Nature's Li'l Samaritans series books:

The Carpenter Bee: Booksprouts—"The Carpenter Bee is a perfect children's book," "Bonus points for the glossary which hopefully will encourage children to continue to look up words they don't know," "The story is about kindness, compassion and our connection to all living creatures. A wonderful book that should be in every home!" Booklife by Publisher's Weekly—"Marie aims to inform readers and ignite their sense of wonder, while photo-illustration art featuring real carpenter bees—black with silvery blues—serve to demystify an insect that, encountered in a yard, might scare kids. Young nature lovers or those curious to learn the names of different bees and what they look like may find new information amidst the rhyming text." "Fun and lively trace and color pages are also included at the end of the book to further kids’ connection to carpenter bees and aid in their identification." "Rhyming celebration of carpenter bees for young readers."  NBPB (Nothing But Paperback Books) "The Carpenter Bee by Kirsten L. Marie is the story of compassion for living beings of all sizes and understanding and appreciating their roles in our lives."

Rhyme of the Aged Hummingbird: Booklife by Publisher's Weekly "As the narrator invites readers to 'soar with me into the sky and see things as I do,' readers are treated to an insider’s glimpse of a day in the life of hummingbirds, complete with fun facts (did you know that hummingbirds can dive at speeds up to 60 mph?) and gorgeous scenery," "That spirit of kindness flits across every page," "...young fans will relish the chance to get up close and personal with these tiny legends—a gentle reminder that, in the end, “we matter one and all.” Booksprouts—"Lovely informative and interactive book...The rhyming text and full color natural photographs are highly engaging," "The book is not only educational, but it wonderfully covers how we as humans can be compassionate and caring towards other species, that we all matter," "The last part of the book consists of outlines of hummingbirds patterns to be traced and colored. Highly recommended."

When you read with children . . .

Benefits of reading with children are so far reaching. Remind yourself of all you're doing when you read with a child.

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